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You're one step closer to becoming a Core Supporter.

Each and every Core Supporter provides much needed energy for our budding, creative & collaborative, fine arts organization -- PAR-Projects.

As you may already know, we're currently building out our headquarters in Northside, one portion at a time. This includes the rehabilitation of a 6,000 square foot building, Phase 1 of our shipping container facility, and a soon-to-be-reimagined 3000 square foot courtyard.

Through these transitions, it's important for us to maintain operations, especially as it relates to our more public projects (e.g. licensed community movie nights and Northside Summer Market) ..because ..well ..the free stuff keeps the energy alive!

To help with this, we're looking to our adopted communities to fuel a small portion of our operating budget, on an annual basis.

Core Support is designed to assist with our community building efforts + the everyday & unexpected things, not the heavy lifting of capital projects.

Essentially, Core Supporters help keep our outreach engine turning. They're also the ones who help us welcome more neighbors and artists to the conversation.

As a Thank You for joining the energy, Core Supporters are highlighted on our website and publicly celebrated in sincere, yet uncomplicated ways.

Simple things like name recognition during movie nights and/or unexpected mentions on social media are the levels of appreciation we look to bring forward.

We're also working with local artists to provide small gifts of appreciation! At least one time during each calendar year of membership, each supporter will receive a gift from our community of creatives. Further, Core Supporters will be given behind-the-scenes views of some of our bigger projects.

A $100 annual commitment, for three consecutive years, is what it takes to become a Core Supporter. This multi-year commitment helps us get to know each other, as we continue to grow our relatively young organization.

To stay tuned in to Our Core, we're keeping this group limited to 100 members. Once we've reached that limit, Core Supporters will maintain their VIP status until they choose to opt out (anytime after the first three year commitment).

Perks and benefits will always be designed for 100 members, so we hope you'll join us ..while spaces remain.

Join the energy below.
A portion of our 100 enrollments are still available!

You can also join by sending a check to our new headquarters at:
1662 Hoffner Street, Cincinnati, OH.

If joining by check, we ask that you make your payment for one full year or all three years at once. If paying by check, you can also choose to give more than the indicated amount, and we'll direct the rest towards General Operations, Capital Projects, or another designation of your choice.

All checks should be made out to:
Professional Artistic Research Projects

As PAR-Projects is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization, your annual contribution will be tax deductible.

If interested in contributing via a Cash Pyment, please send an email to jonathan@parprojects.com

This is an official PAR-Project initiative.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this valuable program. Thank you again for you honest and thoughtful consideration.

Jonathan Sears
Executive Director // PAR-Projects